While establishing a three-dimensional marketing network all over the country, PepsiCo fully implements the promotion strategy in China to cooperate with market sales and brand building

I. Target audience cognition stage

For the enterprise comprehensive introduction, brand image advertising mainly, the main appeal: brand background, business scope, advantages and prospects.

Ii. Target audience recognition stage

This stage is mainly detailed project introduction and subdivision, media appeals fully reflect the support for all levels of franchisees advertising to absorb all levels of franchisee consumption.

Iii. Practice good reputation and integrity, and maintain the brand stage

For established and operational brand markets, this is the stage of building brand integrity and reputation and maintaining the brand by selecting mainstream media for brand promotion.

4. Launch media

1. Newspaper advertisements: Column pages of Guangming Daily, Financial news, doors and Windows magazines, etc.

2. Print media: Phoenix Weekly, Brand Weekly, China Management Newspaper and other magazine media.

3. TV media: CCTV, Jiangsu SATELLITE TV, Hunan Satellite TV and other TV stations conduct nationwide investment advertisements.

4. Network media: Ranking search by nine search engines such as Baidu, 360 Search and Bing, and promoting with their own official websites.

5. Outdoor media: place outdoor billboard advertisements and body advertisements for sales and network coverage markets.

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